As a mother of 2, wife and full time manager, with over 50 direct reports, life can get somewhat overwhelming at times, looking after my wellbeing is paramount to my success in both my personal and professional life. Haydie has played a significant role as my ‘go to’ person when it comes to my wellbeing, having immense trust in her ability to provide the guidance and support that I need to keep on track of this thing we call life. I have attended workshops, cooking classes, retreats and of course yoga classes, led by Haydie, which have given me the knowledge and empowerment to ensure that I focus on my overall wellbeing holistically for my benefit and those around me. Haydie is a wonderful facilitator and teacher, with an holistic approach to individual wellbeing, promoting healthy living through healthy eating habits, exercise and mindfulness. I have much gratitude for Haydie and highly recommend her as a health coach, she is empathetic, understanding and above all non-judgemental. We all need a Haydie in our lives.

Maree Smith


I have known Haydie for over 16 years now, and I can testify that Haydie is deeply committed to her health, not only in the physical sense of the word, but also as a spiritual practice, and she works hard to live congruently with it. This is expressed in her dedication to nutrition, health coaching, naturopathy, physical exercise, yoga, meditation, creating settings for herself and others, to come to a place of peace and wellbeing, as well as ethical choices inspired and informed by strong values in regard to preserving the environment and sustainability. I have also experienced Haydie’s enormous capacity for empathy and deep listening, which, combined with her own quest for self-understanding and growth, and with the challenges she has experienced in her own private life, has made it a safe place for me to share my vulnerability. In Haydie’s role and journey as a health coach, I see it as a natural progression of her life, personal and professional commitment to health, and to supporting others in their quest for balance and wellbeing.

With love

Tania Balil


Dear Haydie,

Thank you for the opportunity to pen a testimonial for your new website, I accept without hesitation.

I have been fortunate enough to attend your Yoga classes at Moggill for 4 years now and have also been blessed to be able to participate in two retreats, one on Stradbroke Island and one to Bali.

In all my encounters with you Haydie, I have been impressed by your knowledge and your willingness to share it with your students and clients.

Your approach is always inclusive, individually crafted for each person, caring and compassionate.

The retreats have all been so well organised, with every detail identified and finalised.

Each has been imbued with a spirit of calmness and serenity. If there was any uncertainty or difficulties for you, the organiser, then your attendees were absolutely unaware of this!

Calming, restoring, nourishing, and simply holistically good for you, each retreat has had a wonderfully positive effect for me.

From the yoga teaching and classes, to the mindfulness and meditation sessions, and the scrumptious healthy food (prepared entirely by yourself!) and served with love and generous dollops of nutritional knowledge—each retreat has been an experience to be treasured.

Thank you for being such an accomplished teacher, facilitator and mentor.

Written with much love and respect,


Roz Harding-Smith| Manager | Patient Services & Warfarin Care | Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology


I have had the pleasure of knowing Haydie for many years. She is hard-working and most dedicated to everything she undertakes. She is sincere and works from the heart with integrity. She is an excellent listener and a motivated teacher who possesses a deep wealth of dietary, yogic and healthy lifestyle knowledge which she imparts from a long history of learned and personal experience. She practices everything she preaches.

Camille Jeboult

BA | MComm | Yoga Instructor