Sound Healing

Sound healing works on the very subtle bodies of our being, bringing about a deep transformation within the physical body, the emotions and the mind. Once transformed, compassion and wisdom starts to develop and become the foundation of true healing, for oneself and for others.

Sound is a source of energy that can be utilised to create inner stillness, and an experience of deep relaxation. The Sound Healing brings harmony to the body and mind through balancing the chakras. It allows an experience of deep peace and invokes a meditative state. It can be a gentle introduction into the beneficial effects of meditation, for those new to the practice or who struggle to implement it.

The Sound Healing is beneficial for stress, anxiety, exhaustion, mental anguish, ‘the busy mind’, grief and physical pain. This is because of its deeply relaxing and balancing effects on your whole being. It is a sublime experience of profoundly letting go and having the sound vibrations do their magic as they resonate throughout your body and mind.

Cross legged with singing bowls

The experience:

In the Sound healing the Tibetan singing bowls are used as well as cymbals and bell. Sacred Buddhist mantras are recited to invoke healing


1 hour Sound Healing $90, my location western Brisbane.

1 hour Sound Healing starting at *$120, your location.Please enquire here.

I come to you within metropolitan Brisbane (* dependant on location and number of participants). Please enquire here.

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