Raw Cocao Orange Bliss Balls

Super easy to make and a healthy sweet with no added sugar.

*Just a quick note – I often don’t give exact measurements, a bit more when baking, but I encourage you to make it to your taste. So yes you do need to keep trying as your preparing until you feel confident with your formula. Hopefully something never tastes exactly the same twice. To me creating food is personal, creative, exploratory, fun, open to interpretation and experimental. So if your looking for an exact science, you might be disappointed. However if your looking for recipes that are healthy and mostly:RSF (refined sugar free), DF (dairy free), GF(gluten free), and vegetarian were you get enjoy the process, you’ll probably be happy.

These Bliss balls are great as a sweet protein snack or a small treat.


  • Dried dates, few cups (organic ones aren’t very expensive).
  • Raw almonds, few cups (insectide free or organic is best).
  • Dedicated coconut, 2 or more cups, some for rolling them in.
  • Edible sweet orange oil, a few drops (most are edible but check when buying it, Perfect Potion and Dotera are edible).
  • Raw cocao, few heaped teaspoons.


  • Put almonds in a food processor and break up, for a few minutes.
  • Add dates and continue to process until well mixed
  • Add coconut, cocao and orange oil and keep processing
  • Taste, if too sweet add more almonds and coconut, if too nutty, more dates. More cocao or orange oil up to you.
  • Roll into 1-2 bite size balls in the palm of your hand.
  • Roll these balls through desiccated coconut.
  • You cant really go wrong, enjoy!

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