Haydie Osborne

My motivation

My curiosity with health began with an holistic and alternative upbringing. One of nature, connection to the land, home-prepared, wholesome, from-the-garden food. My parents wanted to make big changes in comparison to their own childhoods and chose a life that was ‘back to the earth’ and ‘living off the land’. My mother was a great provider and inspiration of building, gardening, being resourceful and cooking from scratch. This lifestyle of healthy eating, natural remedies, living with nature and connecting with community was natural to me, and I have come to realise how lucky I was to have this foundation. It was not all idyllic, as paving new ways has its challenges; above all, it gave me something fundamental to come back to and inform me during my life.

My early 20s took me on a 6 month journey to India. It was there that I became interested in Eastern philosophy and my own personal growth. This was the beginning of seeking deeper self-understanding and exploring what spirituality meant for me. The trip was very impactful, and I realised I wanted to help others heal and be part of creating wellness, this was my purpose and calling. Out of this came the study of Naturopathy and Yoga teaching. Five years of rigorous training in the Iyengar method of yoga and a commitment to developing my practice and teaching forms a large part of my continued self-enquiry. I have been fortunate to have studied with the Iyengar family in India and be able to carry that lineage through my teaching.

The journey of motherhood has been one of my biggest life lessons. Learning through my children to take care of myself, keep challenging myself to grow, as well as having a hefty and well–equipped tool kit. Having a child diagnosed with anxiety has been challenging for my whole family and has really shaped me. It has certainly taken me to the edge of my comfort zone demanding I jump off, into the unknown many times over. Personal challenge, and the desire for deeper self-understanding and guidance, led me to my Buddhist teacher—Lama Tendar, to begin a practice of meditation and inquiry into Buddhist philosophy. Meditation has been a constant, steady point of stability for me, helping balance my emotions and encouraging me to continue spiritual practices. I attend annual retreats with Lama Tendar and continue to be informed by his teachings.

During my 20 years practicing Naturopathy I have learnt much about health and wellness, and my passion for this continues. In more recent years I questioned what I felt was the expectation that I needed to be the ‘fixer’ of my clients issues, That I had to ‘give’ them something to heal. Patient compliance was sometimes difficult and restrictions many. I wanted to incorporate a practice where the client was leading the process and their individuality recognised. Out of this desire began the journey of Health Coaching which has given me the scope to apply all the modalities I have accrued during my career. As I develop personally and in my work, I realise that above all, people want to be deeply heard and acknowledged. Therefore this has led me to offer a comprehensive and holistic service, considering each individual on their unique journey.

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