Slowly during my life I have been building my tool kit of essential skills to help create equilibrium, to stay centred and in harmony with myself. Without nutrition, yoga, meditation and desire for self-inquiry, my life would probably look quite different. These fundamental practices give me something to come back to when I encounter obstacles. I know how much these help me and my wish is for others to find their own tools to bring balance and really thrive within themselves.

My experience while growing up really shaped me and instilled in me the belief that it is everybody’s inherent ability to be healthy, living in harmony with their body and nourishing their soul. What I have come to realise is that this is far from what many others experience and understand, and often it takes a serious health issue or event to be forced on a path to health. Sometimes we need guidance and reminders of what the right path is for us, which is unique and different to someone else’s journey. We get to map out what works for us and brings us personal ‘wellbeing’.

Being a lifelong vegetarian and experiencing a ‘back to roots’ lifestyle, instilled in me an ethos for organic, ethical, natural, chemical free, sustainable, nutritious and conscious living. I believe we can contribute to healing the planet by becoming healthier versions of ourselves. I realise we all have different values and ideas of what balance means for us. In my work I intend to meet you where you are and help enhance the life you want to create for yourself. 

As I balance parenting, business and general day to day living, I am committed to finding connection with myself in all my different roles and what I aspire to. I am committed to growth. I give gratitude to the incredible teachers I have been graced with on my life’s journey, past, present and future.

I love to see the world as a more unified, connected, loving, authentic and satisfying place. I know this can happen when we start to make positive, fulfilling steps towards change in our own lives.

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