Health Coaching Journey

What is health Coaching?

Health is not just a physical manifestation, it is also reflected in our relationships, creativity, joy, career and our environment. Health and wellness is when the body/mind/spirit are interconnected; when we have the experience of feeling whole, and that everything can work together. As we move towards self-understanding and awareness, we gain freedom and confidence to develop our potential, and we can make positive changes to embrace a more fulfilling life.

I will help you tune into your natural cycles and learn to begin accepting the unique person you are. I support you to glean self-understanding and honour your uniqueness so that you can shine and really connect with the essence of who you are, letting it manifest and come to fruition. As natural fluctuations of emotional states and life’s challenges present themselves, as they do, I am there walking beside you. You will learn to have greater self-empathy and compassion, and you will continue building a more solid foundation based on who you really are.

I have a passion to motivate and guide others on a path to health and wellbeing which is our natural and inherent state of being. I meet you where you are and help you to become a healthier and more fulfilled version of yourself. I am an advocate for you and my intention is for us to work together to inspire and have a positive impact on your life.

The Health Coaching Journey is offered One on One and as Group Coaching, in person or online.
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Why begin:

  • Are you busy, stressed, anxious, going through the motions of living?
  • Are you overwhelmed and exhausted with the pace, business and demands of life?
  • Perhaps you are ‘overdoing’ and ‘over-giving’ and regardless of wanting balance, you’re left feeling depleted.
  • Do you have health issues or concerns, and feel frustrated that you don’t seem to be in control of them?
  • Are you tired, have low energy, struggling with diet, nutrition or weight?
  • Do you feel like you’re in a rut, that is not really you or who you want to be?
  • Are you disillusioned, unsatisfied, discontented and yearning for more?
  • You want to express your genuine talents and create meaning in your life, but you’re not sure what that looks like?
  • Perhaps you’re excited to grow and transform, although confused when old patterns emerge.
  • Do you feel disconnected with yourself and others, and are looking for support and a sense of belonging?
  • Do you feel like you are not living your potential and have lost connection to deeper aspects of yourself?

Ask yourself:

  • Do you want to take control of bringing health into your life and recognise what uniquely creates wellbeing for you?
  • Do you want to make conscious, healthy lifestyle changes and need some support and direction?
  • Would you like a Health mentor offering guidance with diet, exercise, stress, career, and other areas of your life?
  • Do you have a willingness to challenge yourself and past patterns?
  • Are you ready to invest in yourself as you would a dear friend?
  • Do you want connection and the capacity to experience gratitude and joy?
  • Do you want deeper understanding of yourself and to express your unique purpose with authenticity and meaning?


     One on One Health Coaching 


Group Coaching Program



My role is to help you:

  • To feel passionate and inspired, about what you’re doing in your life.
  • To make changes so you do feel excited about who you are and what you are doing.
  • To tap into natural solutions so you feel empowered and a deep sense of satisfaction.
  • To balance health, wellbeing, nutrition, family, spirituality, and purpose.
  • In health and nutrition—to offer advice, recipes, meal plans, Healthy Eating Tours, Pantry Consulting, Cooking Classes, inspiration.
  • In emotional wellbeing—being a caring and attentive ear, supporting stress management, incorporating meditation, yoga, breath, creativity and spiritual connection.
  • To have deep connection to yourself—awareness of goals and tapping into your authentic self, amongst family, friends, work and everyday life.
  • To recognise what is fulfilling, gives your life meaning, and brings joy.
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