Health & Wellness Coach

Begin an empowering journey of positive change, creating health, wellness and transformation.

As a Health and Wellness Coach I support women, assisting them in experiencing a healthy, enriched and fulfilling life. I help you shift your perspective and bring wellness into your whole being.

The Health Coaching journey is one of connecting with your authentic self and giving yourself the opportunity to begin living the life you imagine and yearn for. It is a journey of recognising and compiling tools and resources to keep you balanced and centred, becoming aware of an inner source you can return to over and over.

The journey helps you link with your purpose and potential, connecting you with what you value, desire and is truly inside you.

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“The body has the power to heal itself, by itself with your care & consideration.”

Wellbeing, Health and Healing

Fundamental is nutrition and health, and together we incorporate such things as setting goals, diet, healthy eating, meal plans, gentle weight loss, and mindful practices that can be in the form of deep relaxation and self-care using Yoga, meditation, breath awareness, Sound Healing and, Flower Essences Therapy to bring deep calm and stillness.These tools and strategies are used in an integrative, step-by-step way that is practical and concrete.

I also offer unique Cooking Classes, Pantry Consulting & Healthy Eating Tours to support you, in incorporating healthy food, in beginning to make nutritional changes, and helping to solidify conscious eating in your life.

Nutrition RETREATS

For those wanting an extended deep experience of wellness, cleansing & nutritional transformation, the 5 day Nutrition & Purifying Retreat takes you on a journey of reshaping .

As a Health & Wellness coach, Naturopath & Yoga Teacher, I bring my knowledge and experience, with over 20 years working in the field as a Health Practitioner. My desire is for you to live a wholesome and healthy life, with you in charge of your wellbeing. My own aspiration is to live purposefully, contributing meaningfully and positively to people, society and the world. I invite you to explore further why you could benefit having me as your Health Coach, and to find out more About me.


Online & Face to Face

I offer face to face Health Coaching programs in Brisbane and online and Group Coaching all other locations.

Where to start with Haydie. She is one person yet gives to everyone around her thousand fold. Health and wellness are on the top of her list and she gives it her all.
She is wonderful in her approach to everything she does, whether it is her weekly yoga lessons, her meditations, her health retreats, or simply when having a chat with her. She wants everyone to feel great in their lives and she will not shy away from giving you her listening ear, or extending her arms out to help you.
She is very knowledgeable, walks her talk, is very intuitive and most of all a very loving person.
She loves and enjoys helping people, especially lifting the spirits of the women around.
When you meet her, you will understand that she is so much more than the words that I have written here.

Alie Kiewiet

I first met Haydie soon after suffering a miscarriage of my first pregnancy. The key driver for seeking Haydie’s help was the need to rebuild my core health with the hope that I would heal and prepare for the possibility of healthy pregnancies in the near future. In the beginning Haydie was able to help me in two critical ways. She showed immense kindness and guidance in my dark moments as I healed whilst also tailoring a wellness schedule that included cleanses, diet analysis and modification and complimentary supplements. Within a couple of months I could feel the change in my general health and wellness. After 6 months the level of balance and harmony that I felt within my self was remarkable. I had never felt stronger and healthier and as I commented to my husband and family—’I had never felt more like me.’ It was at this point I fell pregnant with my first son. Haydie continued as my guide throughout this pregnancy and again I credit my general health and strength and the health of my beautiful, healthy chubby 9lb son to her wellness program. It was a truly wonderful experience to gain access to Haydie’s extensive knowledge and I saw the diet and supplement advice as a daily investment into my wellness. Haydie then became a guide for post pregnancy recovery and provided much needed advice on baby wellness when those challenges arose. The trusted relationship I had built with Haydie strengthened with my second pregnancy and again I will be forever thankful for both her support and professional guidance in the delivery of another healthy 9lb baby boy. Since having my two sons, Haydie’s unique approach to wellness continues to influence our decisions on general health and the personal strength she helped me rebuild remains a rock solid foundation for me as a woman and mother. Haydie’s presence, support, knowledge and kindness has made a deep and positive impact in my life that I will always be grateful for.

Jane Jelekainen

I have been a client of Haydie’s for six years and know I will be for many more years to come.
Over the past six years I have been lucky enough to regularly participate in a range of Haydie’s classes and sessions, including yoga, health and nutrition, meditation, Buddhist healing, and retreats, and over this time have learnt and grown as a person, physically, emotionally and spiritually, thanks to her wise counsel.
What makes Haydie so special as a teacher and facilitator is that she is able to share her insights and wisdom on all fronts—health, wellbeing, nutrition, yoga—in a way that is compassionate, kind, warm, and engaging.
I cannot recommend Haydie highly enough. She is a wonderful teacher and facilitator, who practices what she preaches, is wise beyond her years, has enormous integrity and a great sense of humour to boot! I feel very lucky to have her as my teacher and coach.

Jane O'Leary